Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The archives are now closed

On 6 January this year I began to revisit the archives. Every Wednesday throughout 2010 I dusted off an old post from 2007, updated it and gave it new life.

file cabinets

File cabinets by jono dot com

But now the time has come (*sound of heavy creaking door being closed*) to shut the archives once more (*large iron door clangs shut*), leave them to gather dust (*lights click off*) in the dark and turn to new topics (*sound of footsteps echoing into the distance*).

I hope you’ve enjoyed re-reading some of the old stuff or maybe coming across it for the first time.

So now I’m returning to posting just once a week on a Sunday morning (UK time). See you in 2011!

As always, if you have any burning questions or ideas for posts, do contact me, and please pop by to leave a comment even if it’s just to say “Hi”!

Happy New Year to all my readers (I couldn’t do it without you!) and I hope all your dreams and plans for 2011 come to fruition.


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