Monday, July 17, 2023

Don’t forget travel time when charging for an event

People often ask how much they should charge for leading a workshop or concert.

They usually focus on the professional fee for the contact hours, but forget any travel time involved.

Whether it’s a gig half an hour down the road, or an overnight stay and a six-hour journey, your travel time is valuable.

Whenever I lead workshops over two hours from my home, I ask for overnight accommodation the night before, and travel costs to and from the venue.

Sitting on the train recently travelling to one such workshop, I realised how much time I spend travelling compared to actually teaching!

If I travel on the same day, I sometimes clock up a 12-hour day. And if it involves an overnight stay, that can mean well over 24 hours. Whereas my actual teaching time can be just five hours.

Although I might be able to catch up with some admin, or write a few blog posts whilst travelling, it’s basically lost time. It’s time that I’m not available to do any other face-to-face work. Which means that I need to charge for it.

There’s no simple equation for how much you should charge, but it’s important that you factor it into your fee.

Chris Rowbury


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