Monday, April 06, 2015

5 good reasons why joining a choir might not be right for you

We all know that joining a choir is a good thing to do. But it might not suit everyone.

Voicerox Choir, Southbank.
photo by Dave Pearce

Here are five reasons why it might not be such a good idea for you.

If you are a singer who agrees with any of the following, then joining a choir might not be right for you.

1. “I love to just belt out loud”
Singing in a choir is about blending in with others so you won’t often get the chance to belt out loud unless the whole of your section is instructed to do so.

2. “I get put easily off when someone sings a harmony to what I’m singing”
Most choirs sing in three- or four-part harmony so it’s inevitable that there will be people singing different harmonies at the same time as you.

3. “I enjoy making up my own harmonies”
Unless it’s a very small choir which specialises in improvisation, the majority of choirs will expect you to learn harmonies that are set and have been worked out in advance by somebody else.

4. “I don’t like commitment”
Although it doesn’t have to be a huge commitment, being in a choir will entail regular attendance and commitment to being at rehearsals if the choir performs.

5. “I want to be a famous singer”
Choir singing is a team game and not a solo sport. Singing in a choir can certainly get you started on a singing career, but it’s not a suitable vehicle for fame.

If you still think being in a choir might suit you, check out How to be a good choir member to see what will be expected of you.

Chris Rowbury




Chris Rowbury


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