Monday, July 22, 2019

Choir’s on a break, so where do you sing?

Most choirs take a long break over the summer (which is currently here for a few days in the UK!).

But many singers complain: “What am I going to do without any singing for so long?” Don’t worry, there is help at hand.

When I started my first community choir I was worried that I would lose singers over the long break. I was afraid they would get out of the habit of coming each week or find a better alternative.

To avoid this, I ran a series of four singing sessions over the summer. A kind of short summer singing course. That meant that my singers were no more than a couple of weeks away from a singing opportunity with me.

After a few year I realised that I needed a break myself so stopped the extra summer sessions.
I still used to wait with trepidation when choir started back each September. Would the singers return? Of course they did.

In fact, the summer term was always the least attended in the year as people went on holiday or visited the grandchildren in Australia.

Yet there are still some singers who are desperate to sing as much as they can and can feel bereft over the long break (see Help! What am I going to do with no singing over the summer break?).

Check out this post for ideas of what to do over the break:

What singers can do when choir’s on a break

Have a great summer (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere) whatever singing you do or don’t do.

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