Monday, July 13, 2020

Whatever you’ve managed to do during lockdown, you’re doing great

I keep seeing virtual choirs on Facebook and hearing about amazing Zoom singing sessions.

It’s hard not to compare and feel that you’re not keeping up. But whatever you’ve managed to do, you’re doing great.

Social media gives a very distorted view of life. People usually only post when they have achieved something. Not many people post of their lack of success or disappointments.

Which means that you can come away with the impression that everybody else out there is doing wonderful things, but you’re just a slouch. No matter how hard you try not to compare, you can come away feeling inadequate.

In order to balance things up a bit, I thought I’d share all the things that I’ve not done during lockdown.

  • I have not led any online singing sessions
  • I have not created teaching videos for songs
  • I have not sung a note – not one single note – of any song
  • I have not arranged or composed any new songs
  • I have not practiced or played a musical instrument
  • I have not done any fun online quizzes or dress-up days for my choirs
  • I have not written long articles about the future of singing together
  • I have not listened to loads of new music
  • I have not tidied up my music room
  • I have not made any plans for singing events after the pandemic is over
  • I have not added all those things to my website that I’d planned to
  • I have not researched any new songs to teach
  • I have not edited and uploaded all those choir videos as I’d promised myself
  • I have not learnt new video and audio editing software
  • I have not created any virtual choirs

It’s been struggle enough for me to write one blog post each week and to send out refunds for all the singing events that I’ve had to cancel. That has been all I have been able to manage.

I am very lucky that I haven’t had to go out to find work in order to support me and my family – yet. I also have a large enough house to have some space of my own. And I have a garden that I can enjoy when the weather is nice. Many others don’t have those luxuries.

Whatever you have managed, or not managed, to do during the lockdown, you’re doing great.

Whatever you have done is enough for you, given your own circumstances.

You’re doing great just by coping day to day.

Keep up the good work, and stay safe.


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