Monday, May 16, 2022

Own your identity as a singer (or composer or arranger or choir leader)

Are you a singer? Or are you “learning to be a singer”, or “wanting to be a singer”, or “trying to be a singer”, or “starting out as a singer”? 

Maybe it’s time to step up and claim your identity.

I came across an interesting series of Tweets from musician Lisa Neher the other day:

Her whole thread is about how we often don’t own our identity as creative people.

We aren’t brave enough to say we’re a singer or composer because we’re still waiting for some external validation. Somebody to tell us we’re OK at what we do.

But if you don’t claim your own creative identity, you will never fully inhabit it. Yes, you’re maybe committed to a lifelong journey of developing your craft, but you still need to commit to your artistic identity. Even when you’re starting out on your creative journey.

You don’t need permission to call yourself an arrangers or choir leader. You get to decide if “singer” or “composer” is part of your identity. You don’t need to preface it with “emerging” or “aspiring”.

Believe in yourself, claim your identity. You are all worthy.

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Chris Rowbury


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