Sunday, January 07, 2007

Minor Chords: women's singing ensemble

Going back to work yesterday was a bit of a shock for all concerned! After a surfeit of turkey, mince pies and rubbish films on TV, we were all a bit sluggish, but it was good to be back.

This was the first session in 2007 for the women’s group that I lead in Stamford. The group is called Minor Chords (a weak pun based on the fact that all members are also in the bigger choir Woven Chords) and consists of 12 women who have the singing skills and commitment to meet alternate Saturdays for three hours to tackle more complex and difficult material than the main choir does.

Minor Chords started in March 2001 and has seen a few personnel changes, but a substantial core of the original group are still with us. We took on four new recruits last February which injected a bit of new energy and dynamics. We don’t hold formal auditions, but require members to be able to hold a part on their own. Over the years the standard of the group has risen considerably and it’s becoming harder and harder to find suitable new material which is sufficiently challenging!

Our repertoire is eclectic, but we do like our Eastern European harmonies! On the go at the moment we have a Maori hymn, a Greek folk song, Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”, a Bulgarian song arranged by Philip Kutev, and we’re just starting a stonking gospel number called “Get away Jordan”. As well as many traditional songs from Eastern Europe, we’ve also branched out a little and have the Beach Boys in our repertoire, as well as a lovely arrangement of “My Blue Heaven” by Primrose Music and a round by Moondog ("Nero's Expedition").

We’re always looking for challenging new material so if you know of any fab, interesting songs out there please let us know! Also, if you fancy having us perform in your area, we’re always ready and willing.

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