Sunday, August 14, 2011

Confession: I don’t like to sing much

You know those people who sing all the time — when they’re cooking, hoovering, gardening, whatever? Well, I’m not one of them.

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I love singing. I earn my living by teaching songs, I enjoy singing with others, I adore listening to singing on CDs and the radio, but I don’t sing around the house.

It could be that it’s my job. Yet I know loads of professional singing teachers and choir leaders who sing all the time. Not me. Quiet as a mouse at home.

There are people who can’t go to a concert without wanting to join in with the singers on stage. Not me, I love being a punter.

There are people who sing when they’re happy, or when the sun is shining, or when they’re a bit sad. Not me.

I have been known to hum a bit when I’m cycling, but seldom do I launch into full-blown singing.

I do, however, sing along with music on the radio or to CDs in the car. I just love singing harmony and that’s where I get my pleasure.

It’s hard to sing harmony on your own. Actually, it’s virtually impossible (unless you hear the other part in your head at the same time). So I need other people.

Even then, I’m not really that bothered about finding opportunities to sing with others. I’ve had my fill of performing and any way, most people don’t know the same songs as I do.

I don’t miss singing. Here we are in the middle of the summer break and I’ve not sung a note for weeks. But when we start back in the autumn I’ll be singing with gusto when choir gets going again.

Just not around the house.

How about you? Are you a singer who doesn’t sing, or are you at it all the time?


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