Sunday, January 20, 2013

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Many of you read this blog regularly, for which I am eternally grateful!


It would be great to get to know you better and to find out more about your singing lives.

getting to know you

You come from all kinds of backgrounds from all over the world.

Since it’s unlikely that I’ll get to meet you all at one of my singing events here in the UK, I thought I might start a newsletter that you can sign up to so we can get to know more about each other other.

I thought I might start by sending a newsletter out every couple of months or so and see how it turns out.

The big questions are: what should I put in it and are there enough of you out there interested?

what would you like to read about?

I already cover a lot of stuff on this blog about singing and choirs and I don’t want to repeat myself. I also have a Facebook page on which you can find random collections of music-related items.

So what else is there I can write about that you might find interesting?

my ideas

Some ideas I’ve been toying with are:
  • highlighting particular posts on this blog and expanding the ideas
  • sharing snippets from my own singing life
  • adding a “song of the month” – a song that excites me personally
  • putting details of where and when my next workshop will be
  • adding recordings from recent singing weekends
  • answering readers’ questions
  • reproducing links I’ve already shared on Facebook and Twitter during the previous month 

what you can do

Do leave a comment to let me know:
  1. if you are interested in signing up for a newsletter, and
  2. what kinds of things would you like it to include?
If you don’t read this blog from the main site, you might need to pop over there in order to leave a comment: (I don’t think you can leave comments if you use a mobile device like a smartphone).

Of course, you can already sign up to my singing workshop mailing list which includes a twice-yearly newsletter about all my singing courses in the UK (and beyond!).

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