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How to sing better 1: getting started and not making excuses

I get asked questions like these a lot: “How can I be a good singer?” or “How can I sing better?”

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Of course, it depends on what you mean by ‘good’ and ‘better’. In this series of four posts I’ll outline a few things that might help.

I’ve drawn together 40 posts of mine on improving your singing voice, and have collected them into a four post series called How to sing better.

This first post considers the beginning of your journey.

What might being a ‘better’ singer mean? What kinds of things might be holding you back from being a better singer? What myths and false beliefs can stop you from improving?

what does being a ‘better’ singer mean to you?

First off, you might want to think a bit about what being a ‘good’ or ‘better’ singer might mean. That will give you something to aim for and give you a measure for your ongoing improvement.

Read What makes a ‘good’ singer? – it’s all about context

myths and false beliefs that might be holding you back

If you’re new to singing, you might want to dispel some myths …

Read 6 facts about singing to help first-time singers

… and false beliefs.

Read 12 false beliefs about singing that can prevent you from even trying – don’t let them stop you!

what does being able to ‘sing’ actually mean?

Some people want to sing ‘better’ because they really believe that they can’t sing at all.
This is, of course, nonsense (see “Everyone can sing” – what the hell does that mean??!!).
There are many reasons why people might (falsely) believe this. Once you’ve freed yourself from these myths and excuses, you can get on with singing.

Read Why can’t I sing?

There might even be a bit of self-sabotage involved. Wearing “I can’t sing” as a badge of pride to single yourself out.

Read Some people take pride in saying they can’t sing – but is that just fear talking?

putting obstacles in your own way – no excuses!

There are some singers who love to put obstacles in their way, for example by claiming that they’re “tone deaf”. That’s very, very unlikely.

Read Are you tone deaf? Very unlikely!

You can even take a test to prove it: Tone deaf test.

We love to put obstacles in our own way. You, yourself, can be one of the main things preventing you from being a better singer.

Read The only thing stopping you from being a better singer is …

On a similar topic, here’s one about getting out of your own way.

Read Your job as a singer is to get out of your own way and be in the moment

Another thing that can prevent you from being a better singer is the way you see yourself as a singer. Once you’ve labelled yourself in a particular way, it can stop you from developing.

Read Is how you label yourself as a singer holding you back?

I hope you’ve found these posts helpful. Do let me know what you think.

In part 2, I’ll be looking at Discovering your own, unique voice and learning to love it.

In part 3, I consider Breath control, vocal range and singing in tune.

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