Monday, November 26, 2018

Singers, don’t be afraid to make mistakes – it’s the only way to learn

Many singers hold back because they’re afraid of getting it wrong.

wrong way

But if you never make mistakes, you’ll never learn what getting it right is.

We are all familiar with the hesitant singer.

That person with a permanent frown on their face who sings quietly and is never quite sure of their part.

They are afraid of “getting it wrong”.

But if they continue to sing along quietly and fit in with everyone else, they’ll never really know when they’re “getting it right”.

We all make mistakes as we learn something new. That’s part of the learning process.

Gradually we filter out all the ‘wrong’ things and end up with only those things that are ‘right’.

As a singer you need to be loud and proud and make big mistakes as you learn new songs.

If you can’t hear your own voice and how it compares with those around you, you’ll never know when you’re going astray.

Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed. Everyone does it. It’s part of the process.

Sing out, sing wrong, sing better!

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Chris Rowbury



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