Monday, January 20, 2020

Is being in a choir that doesn’t suit you better than no singing at all?

I love singing certain kinds of songs, but not others. Some people don’t mind what they sing, as long as they’re singing.

photo by Nick Allen

What if you end up in a choir that just doesn’t do it for you? Is that better than not singing at all?

You might find yourself in an area that has very few choirs. Some parts of the UK have loads of choirs in a small area, but others have hardly any. It’s possible that you might have to drive for an hour to the only regular singing opportunity near you.

But what if it doesn’t suit you?

You may not like the repertoire, or the musical director’s style, or some singers might get on your nerves, or you might hate dressing up in the choir costume.

But will you grin and bear it as it’s the only show in town?

I know that some people do, but I’m not sure that I could.

What can you do if the only choir available to you is not right?

You might like to read Is this the perfect choir for me? which gives several options other than sticking with something you don’t like, including starting your own choir (even if you’re not a choir leader).

Have you found yourself in a choir that you don’t really like? Did you stick it out regardless or find some other solution?

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