Monday, June 12, 2023

Always have a spare song up your sleeve

No matter how well you plan your singing workshop or performance, you can find yourself with an unexpected slot that needs filling.

Which is why you should always have a spare song or two up your sleeve.

When you lead a singing workshop or rehearsal, you never know how quickly the singers will pick up the songs. You may also find that the mood in the room changes or singers are struggling and you need to throw in something completely different.

I always make sure I have more songs than I need in case plans have to change.

In a recent workshop, we got to the point where there wasn't enough time left to fit in the 'extra' song that I had ready. I needed a short, energetic, simple song to fill the short gap before we had a break.

Luckily I remembered something that I'd not taught for ages which fit the bill perfectly.

I realised then that I should always have a bunch of such songs ready for every workshop, just in case.

Similarly, in a performance — whether it be a choir concert or solo gig — there may be need for a 'filler'. A song that is short and simple, or rousing and energetic, or easy to teach to the audience when there's an unexpected gap.

Have you got a bunch of suitable songs in your back pocket? Our even up your sleeve?

Chris Rowbury


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