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The pep talk I give before every singing workshop 4: what if you already know one of the songs?

I give an introductory pep talk at the start of all my singing workshops.

The aim is to give out useful information, but also to reassure and relax the singers.

In this series of four posts, I’m going to share the things I cover. You might find it useful for your own needs, or maybe have some suggestions for how to make it better.

Last week, in part 3, I wrote about learning the songs (it takes time). In part 2, I wrote about the fact that nobody knows what’s happening and in part 1, I wrote about preparing to sing.

4. what if you already know one of the songs?

The fourth and final part of my pep talk addresses the issue of singers already knowing some of the songs I will be teaching. I try very hard (as much as is possible) to not teach the same songs to the same people. Or not to teach a song that I know will be familiar to some of the group. But inevitably it will happen that some of the singers will already know one or two of the songs.

Here’s the kind of thing that I might say. I won’t always cover everything in as much detail,.  I might not say all of this at the start, but sprinkle bits here and there throughout the workshop.

You might find that you already know one or two of the songs that I’ll be teaching today. If you do, there’s a very good chance that it will be a very slightly different version which is good brain training and will keep you on your toes!

If you do know any of the songs, here are your options:

1. “Great! I love this song. So good to be able to sing it again.”

2. “Fantastic! This will give me the chance to really nail my part.”

2. “Brilliant! I can learn a different harmony part. That’ll be exciting.”

And here’s the one thing you are NOT ALLOWED think:

“Oh, not, not that song again!”


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