Monday, April 01, 2024

The 3 steps to becoming a singer: step 1 — SING!

People often ask how they can become a singer.

Here are three simple steps to follow. Results guaranteed.

It may seem obvious, or even patronising, but the first step to becoming a singer is to actually SING!

I’ve often heard people say they want to become a writer, for example. I ask them what they’ve written so far. They say, nothing. But one day they want to be a writer.

The first step to becoming anything is to start doing it.

So many people dream of one day “becoming” a singer, as if it’s going to happen by magic. But you have to start somewhere, and put the work in.

You don’t have to be any good, just start. Sing round the house, sing along with the radio, sing at a football match, sing in church, sing in the shower. It doesn’t matter where or how, just sing.

You may discover you actually enjoy it — which is a bonus — and decide to continue and take it to the next step.

Or you may find that you’re not really a singer. It was just a fantasy after all and you don’t like doing it much.

However, just because you don’t like singing round the house on your own, it doesn’t mean that you can’t become a singer. I don’t like singing at home on my own, but I do love to sing along with recordings or with other people.

Here’s something that might inspire you to get started:

If not now, when? – start singing NOW!

Find some outlet for your newly discovered singing voice, then come back next week to find out what step 2 is.

Chris Rowbury


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