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The 3 steps to becoming a singer: step 2 — JOIN A CHOIR

Last week I wrote about the first step to becoming a singer.

photo by Rex Pe

You need to actually start singing! Now here’s step 2.

Once you’ve started to sing on your own, you’ll probably find that you want to do more of it and perhaps want to develop your singing technique and vocal skills.

The easiest way to do that is to JOIN YOUR LOCAL CHOIR. Lots of famous singers started out like that.

It doesn’t matter what your taste in songs is, there will be a choir out there somewhere that will suit you.

It might be a rock choir, a gospel choir, a church choir, a classical music choir, a world music choir, a barbershop choir, or a chamber choir.

The choir might use sheet music or teach songs by ear. It could be an a cappella choir (no instruments) or use backing tracks or piano accompaniment. It might put on concerts or just sing for fun.

It might be a choir for all ages and abilities, or a choir for women only, or a choir for teenagers, or an auditioned choir.

Whatever choir you join, it will enable you to develop confidence in your singing abilities without being put on the spot. You can hide among the other voices in your part while you develop as a singer. You can try different parts out to discover what your vocal range is. You can benefit from the choir warm ups to stretch and develop your voice. You will improve your listening skills and learn to sing (and love) harmonies. Being in a choir will enable you to explore and discover your own unique voice in your own time.

Plus you will almost certainly make some good friends.

Here’s something that might help: How to find a suitable choir to join

Once you’ve been in a choir for a while, and would like to develop your voice further, then it will be time to move onto step 3. Tune in next week.

Chris Rowbury


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