Monday, September 19, 2016

“I’m a choir leader and sometimes I hate my job” – but that’s OK!

Sometimes the last thing I want to do is to drag myself off the sofa and go to choir.

photo by Ed Van Brunt

But it’s my job so I make the effort and usually it’s worth it. I used to worry that everyone else loved their job all the time, but that’s not the case!

I’m lucky that I generally enjoy my job. I love singing with others and hearing voices sing in harmony. It’s also great to be my own boss! But some days it feels like hard work.

In these days of Facebook, Twitter and other social media where everybody always puts on their best face, it’s easy to believe that everybody else is having such a good time.

When other choir leaders talk up their sessions and the amazing concert they’ve just done and how lovely their singers are, it’s easy to think that everything is rosy all the time.

No matter how much we love something, there will be days when we just don’t feel like doing it. It’s impossible to feel great and upbeat all the time and to have the same passion for our work every single day.

But that’s OK. It’s called being human.

So next time you’re having a bit of an off day and would rather stay in bed or go to the beach, remember that you’re not alone. Even those for whom singing is a passion have bad days and even famous musicians sometimes think of giving up.

This too will pass.

And when I do get to choir on those days that I really, really don’t want to be there, my spirits are lifted as soon as I hear all those lovely voices.

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Chris Rowbury



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