Monday, September 12, 2016

Integrating new choir members: a guide for new singers, existing members and choir leaders

Most choirs take new singers on at the beginning of a season. Joining an established group can be quite scary and new singers need to find a way of catching up quickly.


Here are some ideas for how best to integrate new members into your choir.

Joining a new choir can be daunting for new singers, but also a challenge for current singers and choir leaders.

For new singers it’s a bit like going up to big school:
  • lots of new faces;
  • people already know the way things are done;
  • fears that you’re not good enough;
  • from being a big fish in a small pond you might now feel like a very small fish in a large lake.

For existing choir members new singers can be a threat:
  • they might sing better than you;
  • they might get on with your friends better than you;
  • new singers can upset the group dynamics;
  • a large intake might make the choir feel less intimate.

For choir leaders there are obstacles to integrating new singers:
  • they will initially take up more of your time and attention;
  • they’ll need to learn your existing repertoire;
  • they will be unfamiliar with the culture of the choir;
  • you may have to explain familiar warm up exercises all over again;
  • you have the challenge of placing the new voices in the right places and making sure they fit in properly.

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I do hope these articles have helped. Do leave a comment and share your experiences of how new singers have been integrated in your choir. I’d love to learn from you!

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