Monday, September 25, 2023

What is a ‘Natural Voice’ choir?

I am a member of the Natural Voice Network and all my work is based on their ethos.

But what exactly is ‘Natural Voice’ and how do Natural Voice choirs differ from other kinds of choir?

I’ve written before about the Natural Voice approach to singing. I also wrote about The differences between a ‘natural voice’ choir and all the rest.

However, that’s just my take. Here are several of my colleagues explaining in a simple and effective way just what a Natural Voice community choir is. The video is 10 minutes long. 

Big thanks to my colleagues Caroline Bithell, Beth De Lange, Gitika Partington, Alice Robin, Janet Stansfeld and Rowena Whitehead.

You can search for a Natural Voice choir near you on our website:

Feel free to share this video to anyone you think might be interested.

Chris Rowbury


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