Monday, April 15, 2024

The 3 steps to becoming a singer: step 3 — SELF-AWARENESS

In the last two posts I’ve outlined step 1 and step 2 to becoming a singer.

Now it’s time for step 3 to help you grow and develop as a singer.

No amount of singing lessons, choir rehearsals, warm ups, concerts, singing workshops or solo performances will help you to develop as a singer unless you are SELF-AWARE.

This is something you can develop, and it’s vital if you want to grow and improve.

If your choir leader tells you that you have tendency to tip your head back when singing, you’re only going to be able to correct that if you become aware of when you’re doing it.

If your singing teacher tells you that you clench your jaw every time you reach for a high note, you’re never going to stop doing it unless you become aware each time it happens.

If, in rehearsal, you’re told that you’re singing too loud or out of tune or the wrong part, there’s no way of correcting that unless you’re aware of when you’re doing it.

You need to develop the ability to check in on yourself to see if your posture is correct, that there are no unnecessary tensions in your body, that your voice is balanced with the other singers around you.

I know singers who have been attending choir for years, but never moved beyond their beginner status when they joined, because they lacked self-awareness.

With self-awareness, the sky is the limit. You will be able to grow and develop as a singer. But you’ll also be able to be realistic about your own singing abilities.

This post might help: The secret to great singing that teachers don’t tell you

Next week I’ll be throwing in a bonus step to the three already covered.


Chris Rowbury


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