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Always remember to bring a spare: song, set of lyrics, pen …

No matter how well-prepared we are, there’s always a chance we’ll forget something. 

photo by Kurt Nordstrom

That’s why it’s important to always remember to bring a spare.


spare pen – if you need to make notes on your sheet music

batteries – if you’re recording a singing session

song – if you’re at an audition and they ask “Do you have anything else for us?”

running order – if you’re preparing for a concert


choir and singing workshop leaders

set of lyrics/ sheet music – in case you forget yours or one of the singers forgets theirs

A1 sheet of paper – and a felt tip pen if you need to put large lyrics up on the wall

source of starting notes – if you forget your chromatic pitch pipe/ keyboard/ phone app

song – if you get to the end of the session and find you have time for one more (see Always have a spare song up your sleeve)

batteries – if you need to record or have a small amp for your voice

pens – for when the singers need them


concert organiser

programmes – you’re bound to run out!

leaflets and sign-up sheets – for future choir events

chairs – so you can squeeze in those latecomers

refreshments – so you’ll never run out

important phone numbers – to contact venue organisers if there’s a power cut, water goes off, toilets get blocked, etc.

cash – for the box office if the float runs out



I’m sure I’ve missed loads of obvious things. Do drop by and leave a comment and let us know.

Chris Rowbury


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