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5 obstacles that can stop you being a singer — and how to overcome them

Many people would love to sing, but something is holding them back.

Here are five common obstacles that can easily be overcome.

1. I can’t sing

It’s amazing many people believe this.

But how do you know? Did you try once and it didn’t go to plan?

Or have you not even bothered yet somehow know that you won’t be able to do it?

There are so many different reasons why you might think you can’t sing. It could be because you:

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These false beliefs can stop you from even trying to sing. The dilemma is that in order to be a singer you have to sing. You just have to do it!

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2. I can’t sing in tune

That may be true. It’s true of all of us from time to time. Just like playing tennis or baking bread or crocheting, singing in tune is a skill that can be learnt. It doesn’t happen overnight, so give it some time. And in any case, does it really matter?

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3. I can’t remember songs or lyrics

Neither can I! When people say this they often mean that they can’t remember a song after one or two practices. They have an expectation that ‘real’ singers only have to hear a song once and they’ve committed it to memory. That is not the case. It can take many months for a song to really bed in.

It takes time to learn a song. Many weeks of practice and repetition. And to learn it by heart takes even longer. If you find remembering difficult, then make sure you have some aids to help. Why not print the lyrics out?

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4. I don’t like the sound of my voice

I don’t think many of us do. It’s only with the invention of recording devices that we’ve been able to hear ourselves. And what we hear seldom matches what we think we sound like. it’s something you can get over by listening to recordings of your voice often enough until you get used to it.

Try to figure out why you don’t like your voice. Does it sound like you’re straining or do you have an unrealistic expectation? Is there something you can change (sing in a different range, try to be more relaxed)?

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5. nobody will want me in their group

This is very common. Why on earth would you want to ‘inflict’ your voice on anyone else? And if you’re not a ‘proper’ singer, how can you ever be up to the standard to sing with others?

There are many choirs and singing groups out there these days which are open to everyone. They don’t have auditions and you don’t need to have any singing experience. You can learn ‘on the job.’

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There we have it — there are no real reasons why you shouldn’t be singing.
If not now, when? — start singing NOW!

Chris Rowbury


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