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Buy song arrangements for your choir

Choir leaders often ask me where I source my songs. I’ve written about this in previous posts: Finding songs for your choir and Easy songs for your choir.


One place you can get some tried and tested songs for your choir is from me!

I arrange many traditional songs from all over the world in anything from two to six parts. Songs are arranged for voice only, are well within the range and capabilities of most community choirs, and are suitable for teaching by ear.

Most of the songs are in the original language of the country of origin, but some also have alternative English lyrics.

I’ve recently added more songs to my growing repertoire, bringing the total number available to 70. I’ve organised my website so you can hear sound clips of each song, sort songs into easy/ moderate/ challenging, or by voicing (SATB, SAB, equal) or country of origin.

You can buy arrangements from my website at the very reasonable rate of £1.50 (US$2.50, AUS$2.50, €1.75) per song either as sheet music (PDF or Finale/ Sibelius notation file) or as separate recorded parts.

If you want sheet music AND recorded parts, you can have both for just £2.50 (US$5, AUS$5, €3.50) per song. Payment can be made by PayPal, direct bank transfer or cheque.

You only need to buy one copy of each song regardless of the size of your choir. You also have permission to perform the arrangement at no extra cost. How cool is that??!!

Songs can be emailed or posted to you with full lyrics, translations, song background (if known) and performance suggestions. I try to get the songs to you as soon as I receive your payment.

Why not pop over to my website and see what is on offer? Just go to my sheet music page, find what you want and drop me an email with your order.

I’ve recently re-designed the website page to make things easier and I’d love to hear your feedback about ease of use, etc. I hope soon to add a shopping cart facility to make ordering even easier.


PS Do let me know if there’s a traditional song that you’d like an arrangement of and I’ll see what I can do.

Chris Rowbury’s website:

Chris Rowbury


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