Monday, October 09, 2023

Why I became a choir leader

People often ask about my background, assuming that I have a musical education.

They are rather surprised when I tell them that my training is as a computer scientist, but I then spent over 20 years as a theatre maker and performer. So how did I end up as a choir leader?

It’s very simple really. I love to sing harmony and you can’t do it on your own!

I love to hear how all the harmonies fit together, so I’d rather be out front than be a choir member.

That’s why I became a choir leader.

You can find out more about my journey in: Becoming a choir leader – it’s a long story! And if you really want to know more, just check out the About page on my website which includes some video interviews.

Here are more details about The job of being a choir leader.

Maybe you’ve thought you might like to become a choir leader. In which case, you might like to read Can anybody be a choir leader?  And then How to start your own community choir or even How to set up a choir if you’re not a choir leader.

Chris Rowbury


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