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How to look after your voice (especially in the winter): 5 relevant reads

This is one of a series of summary posts around a specific topic, bringing together five relevant posts from the past. 

This summary is all about looking after your voice, especially in the winter months or when you have a busy concert season or if feasting is involved.

Even if you warm up your voice properly before singing and make sure you’re singing with correct technique, there are times when your voice is vulnerable.

This can happen if you’re singing a lot (many concerts back to back), if you catch a bug (often the case during winter), or you’re not being careful with your diet (too much booze and rich food!).

1. Looking after yourself in a busy concert season
For many of us, this time of year is just one concert after another. It’s great to be doing so much singing, but it can have its downsides. If you overdo it, you can get ill or lose your voice. How can you take care of yourself during a busy concert season?

2. How to care for your voice over the festive season
Christmas is a time for singing. It’s everywhere. Sometimes it seems that Christmas is the only time that many of us sing! Whether you’re in a choir or just singing carols with friends, you need to look after your voice. Here are some ideas.

3. What to do if you catch a cold and a concert is looming    
At this time of year many of you will be singing in Christmas concerts. It’s also the time of year when there are plenty of bugs around. Here’s a timely reminder of what you can do if you catch a cold and a concert is coming up.

4. Booze, cream and other vocal dangers
It’s the festive season, a time for (over) indulgence. There’s nothing wrong with moderation, but some of your indulgences can be bad for your voice.

5. Singing and hydration – myths and recommendations
As singers, we’re often told to drink plenty of water. But why is that, and how much is ‘plenty’?

bonus post

How to warm up your voice on the bus (or any other public space)
Sometimes you won’t get the chance to do a full warm up in private before a performance. Here are some ideas for warming up your voice in public without drawing attention to yourself.

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