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The 3 steps to becoming a singer: bonus step — RELEVANT READS

I’ve now outlined all three steps to becoming a singer: 1: sing, 2: join a choir and 3: be self-aware.

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Now here is a bonus fourth step: relevant posts from the archives.

Now you’re on your singing journey, you might find some of these older posts useful.

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Can I call myself a ‘singer’?

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Four powerful ideas guaranteed to help you learn to sing better

The non-technical guide to becoming a singer

6 facts about singing to help first-time singers

Not everyone will like your singing voice – but that’s OK

Finding your voice can be scary – but don’t let that stop you

How to sing better (series of 4 posts)

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When you start singing for the first time, be prepared to fail. A lot.

Are only ‘singers’ allowed to sing?

It’s good to fail as a singer (and you should do it more often)

The good enough singer

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